Personal Care

We provide a person-centred package of personal care ensuring all your needs are carried out to the standard you require. Whilst promoting independence wherever possible Hope Homecare ensures dignity is maintained at all times.
Examples of Personal care:

  • Strip wash – Flannel or sponge wash in sink or using a bowl
  • Bed wash – Flannel or sponge wash done in bed
  • Shower – Full shower including hair wash if required
  • Bath – Full bath
  • Application of creams – After washing or multiple applications per day as prescribed by doctor or district nurse
  • Dressing/undressing – Getting ready for the day or bed
  • Grooming – Hair and shaving
  • Oral hygiene care – Including dentures
  • Incontinence care – Including Catheter care, Stoma care and Incontinence pad changing
  • Toileting – Guidance and assistance
  • Walking and transferring/wheelchair/walker/cane assistance

We understand that receiving personal care can feel intrusive and embarrassing, especially if it is the first time ever receiving this type of care. We aim to ensure you are comfortable at all times and we will complete the tasks in the way that makes the individual feel comfortable and their dignity and privacy is respected at all times.